Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thanks Wag 'n Woofs fans!

Some of you might be thinking, "why doesn't Wag 'n Woofs blog more"? Well the truth is, we've been busy here at Wag 'n Woofs! We are having so much fun adding new members to our furry pack, training new Playgroup Leaders, and doing training classes after daycare. This is all thanks to YOU telling neighbors, friends, coworkers and family about how much your pup likes coming to Wag 'n Woofs :) We've so appreciated hearing that someone recommended our services. 

Wag 'n Woofs has lots more fun things in store for the future! We're hoping to continue adding new, fun classes to the schedule help brush up on your dog's manners. Erin is staying busy in the grooming room offering unique cuts and styles, as well as performing massages and paw treatments with each bathing package! The warm summer weather means we will have the kiddie pools set up outside ready for your dogs to take a dip in. 

We're also planning to "spruce up" the play floors over the summer! New flooring and fencing will be happening in the near future to add more space to our three indoor floors. We know the dogs will love it. Did you know we have three indoor play floors? We separate dogs based on size and play style. If we say your dog was on a certain play floor that day, that's what we're talking about ;) 

Wag 'n Woofs will also be attending as many doggy related events as we can this summer! What dog-friendly events do you like to go to?    

So, thanks again for choosing Wag 'n Woofs to take care of your fur baby. It's been so much fun getting to know you and your dog. We truly have the best customers! You've gone the extra mile to make us feel welcome in Eden Prairie.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Training IS Fun!

Wag 'n Woofs is about to graduate it's second round of classes and begin a third round. The Intermediate class is already full! I've thoroughly enjoyed the owners and pooches that have tried a training class with me. I hope the owners are as proud of their success as I am.

At Wag 'n Woofs, our classes are run with a 'fun first' attitude. My style is geared toward the family dog, and I want your dog to love coming to class. I find myself during our first few meetings telling people, SMILE! LAUGH! Make a silly noise! Owner's must think I'm just plain crazy, until they notice what it does to their dog. A dog that was distant or easily distracted starts becoming attentive and engaged with their owner. It's a transformation that makes me smile every time. By the last couple classes, I have a room full of owners that are truly enjoying themselves. 

Going to training class should always be a positive experience for your dog. Don't stress over doing behaviors perfectly! Take a deep breath and let your dog work at their own pace. I try to make a large portion of training time more like a game then practice, because your dog feels the difference in YOUR attitude. When you start to get frustrated or upset, your dog can get confused and nervous. When they think training time is fun, they learn faster then you could have imagined. 

I hope to see you and your pooch in class

 Now, go play in the snow with a friend!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Rescue Love

This weekend we had an exciting Sunday! Wag 'n Woofs was host to A Rotta Love Plus and their gang as they performed a therapy dog test. Just under 20 dogs took the TDI Therapy Dog Test. It was amazing how well behaved these pups were, whether they ended up passing or not. Our own employee and trainer Jen, and her dog Blue, passed with flying colors! Yey! 

Many of the students taking the test were A Rotta Love Plus alumni. All the owners were so kind and supportive of each other! It made me realize just one more reason why choosing to adopt a dog is so rewarding. Adopting a rescue dog doesn't just bring one new family member into your life, but a whole support group of people. A Rotta Love Plus does a great job of offering continued support, training, and get togethers for families and their new furry companions. It was heart warming to hear the stories of each dog, and how far along they had come since entering their owner's lives. Now they get to reach out in the community by becoming a therapy dog.

There were three breeds of dogs that passed the test yesterday, pitties (or mixes)/rottweilers and a weimaraner. The past few weeks have been tough on the pitbull community and it made me so happy to watch some of these misunderstood breeds pass a therapy dog test with flying colors, and it's no easy task! For example could your dog walk nicely in a crowd, greet people and other dogs politely, recover from a loud noise, sit/down/stay, be separated from you while being pet by complete strangers and leave a yummy piece of food on the ground... all while you DON'T have treats to encourage them? It takes a lot of training, practice, socialization and trust between the dog and their handler. Now this group of dogs can proudly go represent their breed and hard work in nursing homes, schools, and anywhere therapy dogs are allowed to go!

Wag 'n Woofs can't wait to continue supporting the rescue community in any way possible. We love opening our dog friendly facility up for events like these. We met a great group of people yesterday, thanks!

Ashley and Ryan

Monday, February 6, 2012

Meet Us!

Hi Wag 'n Woofs gang! It is time to start a blog :) Ryan and I have been on a crazy adventure these past two months while opening Wag 'n Woofs! We wanted to have a spot for you to get to know more about us, and we'll have a spot to share fun stories. 

Well, lets start with these past two months. Ryan and I were excited to open Wag 'n Woofs, because we just LOVE dogs! Between the two of us we have two dogs, Colby Jack the 2 year old crazy man and Babu the 10 year old princess. Ryan and I moved here from Madison, WI where we both worked at a Dog Daycare and Training facility called The Dog Den. This is where we both fell in love with Dog Daycare. It's the most rewarding and entertaining job in the world! We both knew we could do it forever, and when the opportunity arose we jumped at the chance. 

Wag 'n Woofs is our baby. It has been so much fun to see it start to grow. We are so excited for what the future is going to bring! Wag 'n Woofs is just one of many Dog Daycares in the area, but we feel it's one of a kind. While we might not be the biggest and we don't have tons of bells and whistles, what we do have is passion. Ryan and I will be here every day ensuring that your dogs receive the best care. From pack management to cleaning procedures, our experience means we already know what works and what doesn't. Dog Daycare isn't as simple as letting a group of dogs play all day, it's an art to make sure everyone is safe and happy. Our smaller setting and personalized style will be what helps us stand out in the pack ;) 

Big things are in store for Wag 'n Woofs; we know our Daycare, Training, Grooming and Overnight care can't be beat. We are excited to connect with you and your pooch, and for your dog to become a valued member of our pack. Stay tuned for pictures, training tips, and fun stories on our blog! 

Ashley and Ryan